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About us

REALiFE Church

began with a group of spiritual leaders praying together at the Willow Bay Theater in the fall of 2013. Our first official service was on the evening of Sunday, February 23rd, 2014. Originally, in it's conception, a secondary campus of Praise Fellowship in Russell, PA had been born. Within a two-year span, God did what God does: He took our intentions and made them His. Our campus was beginning to take on a new life, a new mission, and a new vision. And so began the planting of REALiFE Church. We started off small; a core group of people with a like-minded heart and vision for our church, community, and a burning desire for the Holy Spirit. Our heart's desire is to be transformed by His love; awakening the hope of redemption in all who seek Him. We are excited to see what he has in store for our future and we are certainly excited at the prospect of meeting you!

our vision statement

"To experience the transformation of our city when the love of Jesus impacts every heart."

our mission statement

"To demonstrate the gospel to the unchurched by unlocking the creative potential of the children of God."

our dna

#1 The Presence

- Eph. 2:22
   The reason we gather is the presence of God. The Holy Spirit is our most important Guest.


#2 Transformation

- 2 Cor 3:18
    God works in us so he can work through us.

#3 People

- Gal. 3:28
   Jesus died for people not programs.
   We don’t pick and choose who we love.


#4 Leadership

- 2 Tim. 2:2
   We will advance the kingdom at exactly the same rate we empower leaders.


#5 Authentic Community

- Romans 12:5
   We want to be real with each other as we grow together. This only happens when people are authentic Jesus followers. 



Eph. 3:21
   God is blessed when we are a blessing to other churches. We are only a small part of the Church He is building.


#7 Multiplication
   God’s Kingdom advances through multiplication. We will multiply churches that multiply churches

Tim and Kerri Smart

Lead Pastor (Tim)


Eric & Kate Hamilton

 Associate Pastor

Mark and Jen Bush 

Nursery Coordinator (Jen)

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