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Check-in on Level 1 begins at 10:15 AM

Check-out is immediately following the main adult service!

KiNGDOM LiTTLES: Ages birth-3 or 4

KiNGDOM KiDS: Grades PreK-5th

So BASICALLY this site is "Under Construction", and there are good things coming, BUT for now we would like to familiarize you with our policies and procedures for KiNGDOM KiDS & KiNGDOM LiTTLES (Nursery)!

Our program may be unique to you as we offer a full-service Sunday worship & school tailored to your child's level of understanding and activity level. The kids learn a key Bible verses each month and we teach them that Jesus loves them so much that He died on the cross so that the things that they may do wrong in life can be forgiven and that He wants them to invite Him into their hearts & lives and by doing so they get to live forever in Heaven with Him someday! And THAT is why we worship him with singing and dancing. Every Sunday is celebration Sunday down in KiNGDOM KiDS! 


Here are some things to be aware of to help you become more familiar with the check-in & check-out process:

1. You may check-in your child(ren) in beginning at 9:45am. Their worship & classes begin right at 10. 

There is a small check-in table where we can get your child(ren) registered and checked in. Each child gets a name tag (2 Name tags if you're in the KiNGDOM LiTTLES Nursery for your diaperbag...cool, huh?!). The tags have a number that corresponds to a parent tag that you must produce at check-out in order to match you with your child(ren). Families with multiple children are all under one number. Just some really good security measures is all!


*NOTE: If your child has a cell phone or tablet, please make sure those items do not get brought into the KiNGDOM KiDS wing. It can become a distraction, get broken or lost and we would feel really bad if that happened! 

2. At 10am we close and lock the door to the KiNGDOM KiDS wing. Again, just another added layer of security so that you can feel confident and comfortable entrusting the care of your children to us! 

3. If you're visiting with us for the very first time, you are welcome, and ENCOURAGED, to meet our KiNGDOM KiDS workers and check out our GrOoVy class rooms, worship room, art room & game room! We hope to make your child(ren) feel safe, at ease, and EXCITED to come hang with other kids and Jesus. 

Parents of children in the KiNGDOM LiTTLES Nursery are always allowed to bring their kids to that room and get them settled. 

4. ALL of our KiNGDOM KiDS workers have been screened/background checked and we make sure to keep that up to date. 

5. You may receive a text message from "Check-Ins"; the service we use to check your child(ren) in so make sure to keep your phone on "buzz" JUST IN CASE! 

6. When the big people's service is over, just come on down and we will use our really rad walkie-talkies to communicate with your child(ren)'s teachers to dismiss them and they will come to the entrance of the main door. 

7. To save time at check-in, you can always pre-register your child(ren). Just click the link below! You can always contact us there as well if you have any questions, comments or concerns. We want to make our home at REALiFE your home too and KiNGDOM KiDS is definitely a big part of that!

KiNGDOM KiDS Director: Heleena Walter

KiNGDOM LiTTLES Nursery Director: Jennifer Bush

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