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Youth Activities Waiver Form Here:


REALiFE TRiBE meets 1st & 3rd Sunday of every month. We will be focusing on a 4-WEEK SERIES ON THE LIFE OF JESUS CALLED "Look & See" :

Maybe you’ve heard the saying “seeing is believing”? It’s a popular phrase because seeing something for yourself can change your perspective and your beliefs. We don’t always have to see things for ourselves but it sure does help! For teenagers who are developing their identities while they develop their faith it’s important for them to have conversations about encountering Jesus on their own. Look and See is an invitation for students to realize their faith and experience Jesus for themselves. God will give them strength to follow Jesus as someone they can believe, and someone who can teach them new things. And, what’s better, God can use their story to help another person see Jesus too.First & Third Sundays July 4th-25th!

TRiBE Summer Schedule:


(1) Campfire @ the Hamilton’s Sat June 26th 6-9 pm.

(2) Campfire @ the Hamilton’s Sat. July 24th 6-9 pm.

(3) Outreach - Hot Dogs/Snow Cones & Prayer @ RMC Sat. Aug. 7th 5-7:30 pm

(4) Campfire @ the Hamilton’s Sat. Aug. 28th 6-9 pm


Contact TRiBE for more details and to fill out the Youth Activities Waiver Form!

New to TRiBE? Find out about us here!!

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